Oil Monitoring


ZakosOilMonitoring is a user-friendly cargo calculation program for Tanker ships, Marine Surveyors and Ships΄ Officers. As well as Oil cargo calculation a comprehensive set of ASTM-IP tables are included together with utilities to complement the tables and refine the calculation. ZakosOilMonitoring is controlled by easy to use Menus and Dialogs for easy operation.

Where the time is precious, ZakosOilMonitoring comes to assist both Chief Mates on tankers, Marine Superintendents or Cargo Surveyors to monitor the Oil Cargo Operation ( Load / Discharge ) swiftly and accurately.

ZakosOilMonitoring offers the following functions:
ZakosOilMonitoring; Oil cargo survey calculation for Crude, Product or Lube oils using a variety of different units of input and output. All Surveys can be stored in internal memory and quickly retrieved. All Surveys can be output as a printed report or Reports can be extracted and sent as Excel

oil-monitoring-page FOR  SHIPPING COMPANIES
the following documents are required:
• Capacity Plan
• Ullage Tables for cargo tanks
• Wedge Formula Dimensions for each tank
Calibration tables are thoroughly checked for any mistake at no cost

Not Applicable

Generates the following reports as shown on the CARGO OPERATION MENU :
All Calculations Reports can be exported as Excel and send to the office.

view the program manual on .pdf format

for shipping companies

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