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The ZAKOS ASTM OIL CALCS is a fourth generation Integrated software package for the Cargo calculation of a Tanker / Cargo Ship. The package is a menu driven and does not Require any previous experience on the use of computers.

The ZAKOS ASTM OIL CALCS has been designed and is ideally suited to assist Surveyors Ship’s Officers for the Cargo / Bunker calculation of a Tanker / Cargo Ship.

astm-zakos-page Includes the following ASTM Tables :

  • ASTM Tables 5A, 5B / 6A, 6B / 23A, 23B / 24A, 24B / 53A, 53B / 54A, 54B, 54D
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficients Volume Correction Factors Tables 6C / 24C / 54C
  • NEGATIVE API at 60°F Use API ( 0° to -10°
  • PETROLEUM TABLES Correcting Densities and Volumes to 20°C
    Tables 59A, 60A / 59B, 60B / 59D, 60D ( New Tables )
  • GOST Corection Factor ( for Density 20°C )
    Density at Actual Temperature ( Russian Tables )
  • Calculator
  • Average Calculation for ( Api / Density / Temp )
  • Unit Conversions
  • Volume Interpolation

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for deck officers

for shipping companies

for cargo surveyors

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